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Automate reporting and documentation to the tools you already use, like


Want all your monitoring tools in one place? Because our product is open by design, we can seamlessly integrate into other construction management applications. Make the most of your time whether you’re on site or across the world. SiteKick is the premier field productivity tool for modern construction.

SiteKick’s full suite of monitoring and reporting tools can work as a standalone solution or be embedded in compatible construction management software including systems you are already familiar with like Procore. If you’re already using Procore, SiteKick brings 24/7 progress, productivity and general environmental monitoring of manpower, temperature, humidity, CO, CO2 and air quality made easy with cameras, sensors, and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Integration with Procore means less manual tracking and paperwork.
  • Procore Apps Embedded experience gives access to site monitoring solution.
  • Scheduled automatic data (images, videos and sensors readings) submits to Procore’s Daily Log.
  • Quickly access the sites you manage from anywhere, after hours and from anywhere.
  • SiteKick is the first field productivity application ever to be embedded into Procore.

SiteKick is your one-stop-shop site monitoring solution for commercial construction. It takes the guesswork out of project management and improving communication while enabling a more efficient use of field resources to help improve profits.