Frequently Asked Questions

What is SiteKick? 

The most comprehensive construction site monitoring and reporting solution you can use to oversee critical construction site activities.

How is it used? 

Our Gateways easily monitor general manpower tracking, temperature and humidity, jobsite visibility, security and more.

What does it monitor? 

Temperature, humidity, after hours visitors, general manpower, CO/CO2, VOC project progress and time lapse functionality.

What kind of sensors work with SiteKick? 

We use our own temp/humidity/CO/CO2, VOC sensors but are open to integrate with any sensors that will integrate with us.

How are reports generated?

 SiteKick takes the data from the Gateways and sensors on site and generates daily, weekly reports on demand and automatically

How is artificial intelligence used? 

 It helps to automate and streamline reports and notifications.

Can I share videos used by SiteKick on social media? 


How many users have access to my data? 

As many as you need.

How many job sites can I monitor with SiteKick?

 As many as you want.

How long does it take to integrate Procore with SiteKick?

 Less than one minute..

What does the Procore/SiteKick interface look like? 

Please see the latest video here:

Is SiteKick compatible with other construction management software suites? 

Yes. We use open APIs so we can play nice with anyone willing to do the same.

Are there mobile apps (iOS and Android) for SiteKick? 

No. A separate application is not needed.